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Youth Awareness Environmental Forum(YAEF)

Updated: June 21, 2005

Youth Awareness Environmental Forum (YAEF) is a community best non-profit membership organization established in 1994 A.D. This YAEF is concerted with Environment awareness in the masses & performs social work. YAEF organizes various programs for & with local communities with objective of improving live hood & security of local people, empowering them & enhancing conservation efforts.

It works on the different parts of the rural areas, mainly in environment sector. One of the key focus areas of the forum is to create public awareness on the environmental issues. This will be done through the conduction of seminars & workshop, through articles by our own press on the result of the programs. One area for awareness creation will as such be how to reduce the air pollution origination from petrol, diesel & LPG Vehicles in the valley.

This will be done by dissemination of information on the environment & economical problems caused by the adulteration by the fuel. Beside this, the forum has been launching different programs. Like safe & pure drinking water, also Nature Conservation as well as protection of Bio-diversity in Nepal. The forum was the first to raise the voice regarding pollution induced by tempos, run under diesel in kathmandu valley. We actively participated against it & worked for the total banning of tempos run under diesel. The forum actively involved against the use of plastic. We plead His majesty’s Government to use less than 20 microns. Our forum urges people to use cotton mask as protection form air & dust pollution. Likewise further programs on health, sanitation & other environment- related fields publish magazines, pamphlets & parches to aware people on environment.


Address 1: Godawari area,Bade Gaon
City: Lalitpur
State/Province: na
Country: Nepal
Postal Code: EPC.104


Phone: +977-9851091005
Fax: +977-15560782
Contact Person: Dinkar Joshi,Program Officer

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