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Youth Dynamics

Youth Dynamics

Updated: December 11, 2020
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Youth Dynamics, founded in 1970, is a Christian ministry serving youth in the Northwest Region through challenging experiences and dynamic relationships.  Our mission is to invite and challenge youth to a lifelong adventure with Christ and His church.  Reaching any and all youth 11 to 24 years old, regardless of religious affiliation, Youth Dynamics offers weekly events and clubs, leadership training’s, outdoor adventure trips, and retreats all in an effort to build relationships with youth and help them reach their full potential. Youth Dynamics serves youth through unique ways by providing transformational experiences and relationships that produce significant life change. 

Youth Dynamics seeks to create a non-threatening environment where students can meet to have fun while building relationships with adult leaders. Our staff facilitate adventure-based activities to bring about life-changing learning situations called teachable moments, and engage today’s youth culture head-on by offering relevant and powerful life-changing opportunities. We connect youth to authentic community and caring adults and challenge them to step out of their comfort zone and fall in love with God’s creation. We offer leadership opportunities and the kind of adventures youth are born to experience. Most importantly, we invite them to know and follow Christ.


Address 1: PO Box 486
City: Burlington
State/Province: Washington
Country: United States
Postal Code: 98233


Phone: (360) 757-1337
Fax: (360) 757-0727
Contact Person: Garrett Koepke - Staffing Manager

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