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ICAR Consensus Guidelines on Mountain Emergency Medicine and Risk Reduction

Document Date: February 19, 2012
Document Source: ICAR
Posted:  February 18, 2012

All guidelines from IKAR MEDCOM and UIAA MEDCOM,  Editor: Fidel Elsensohn, MD
The book has been sold out and
not available any more. the attached link opens all recommendations in
English. You may select parts for download or printing. Published in 2001
Chapter IICAR Recommendations

Recommendation Nr. 1        First Aid Training  Guidelines for Mountain Rescue Service MembersRecommendation Nr. 2        Canyoning Rescue for Professional GuidesRecommendation Nr. 3        Qualifications for Emergency Doctors in Mountain Rescue OperationsRecommendation Nr. 4        Contents of a Mountains Refuge’s PharmacyRecommendation Nr. 5        A Modular First Aid Kit for Alpinists, Mountain Guides and Alpinist PhysikansRecommendation Nr. 6        Equipement for Canyoning Rescue DoctorsRecommendation Nr. 7        Immobilization and Use of the Vacuum Mattress in Organized Mountain RescueRecommendation Nr. 8        Treatment of Dislocations and FracturesRecommendation Nr. 9        Treatment of Shoulder DislocationsRecommendation Nr. 10      Treatment of Pain in the FieldRecommendation Nr. 11      Emergency Intubation and Ventilation in the FieldRecommendation Nr. 12      Thoracostomy at the Scene of an Accident in the MountainsRecommendation Nr. 13      On site Treatment of Avalanche victimsRecommendation Nr. 14      On site Treatment of HypothermiaRecommendation Nr. 15      On site Treatment of Frostbites for MountaineersRecommendation Nr. 16      Small Volume Therapie in Mountain RescuesRecommendation Nr. 17      Activation and Rational Use of Helicopters
Chapter IIUIAA Recommendations
Recommendation Nr. 1        Emergency Treatment of Acute Mountain Sickness and Hight Altitude Pulmonary EdemaRecommendation Nr. 2        The Transfer of Blood-to-Blood Infections in Climbing CompetitionsRecommendation Nr. 3        Hiking Sticks in MountaineeringRecommendation Nr. 4        The Ten Health Rules for MountaineerRecommendation Nr. 5        Nutrition in MountaineeringRecommendation Nr. 6        Children going to the MountainsRecommendation Nr. 7        People with Preexisting Conditions going to the MountainsRecommendation Nr. 8        Portable Hyperbaric ChambersRecommendation Nr. 9        Body Mass Index and Age LimitsRecommendation Nr. 10      Statement Competitions ClimbingRecommendation Nr. 11      Recent Developements in Mountain Medicine Education