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The Outdoor Recreation Economy Report 2012

Document Date: July 8, 2012
Document Source: Outdoor Industry Association
Outdoor Industry Association
Posted:  July 7, 2012

The Outdoor Industry Economy Report by the Outdoor Industry Association presents the latest figures on the impact of outdoor recreation on the US economy.
“A balanced, healthy economy is not an either/or choice. Outdoor recreation is a larger and more critical sector of the American economy than most people realize. As a multi-dimensional sector, the outdoor industry pumps $646 billion in direct spending into the American economy and fuels traditional sectors like manufacturing, finance, retail trade, tourism and travel.
6.1 million American lives directly depend on outdoor recreation. As the globally recognized leader in outdoor recreation, America is poised to drive an industry that offers a diversity of rewarding and highly skilled career opportunities for people today and into the future.”
– Conclusion section of the Outdoor Industry Economy Report