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Outdoor Recreation Participation Topline Report 2012

Document Date: July 8, 2012
Document Source: Outdoor Industry Association
Outdoor Industry Association
Posted:  July 7, 2012

How many people are involved in outdoor recreation activities and what activities are growing. The Outdoor Industry Association Recreation Participation Topline Report for 2012 shows the trends that my impact your organization.In 2011, outdoor recreation among Americans reached the highest
participation level in the last five years. Nearly 50 percent of all
Americans ages six and older, or 141.1 million individuals, participated
in at least one outdoor activity in 2011, making 11.6 billion outings.
In fact, last year, Americans enjoyed 1.5 billion more outings than the
previous year. Compared to 2010, participation in outdoor activities
increased slightly among all age groups from 6 to 44, while
participation among those ages 44 and up remained relatively flat.