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Risk Assessment & Safety Management (RASM) PowerPoint

Document Date: March 31, 2019
Rick Curtis
Posted:  November 8, 2014

This presentation is on the Risk Assessment and Safety Management model or RASM. This model is designed to provide your organization and your staff with a real-world tool to help you prepare for risk, analyze risk in the field, and help reduce it. I hope that you find this information helpful the overall risk management plan for your organization.
Like most models, this model is indebted to the work that came before. I’m particularly indebted to Alan Hale whose Dynamics of Accidents Model was my first exposure to the causes of accidents. Others who paved the way before me include Cathy Haddock from the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council for her book Managing Risks in Outdoor Activities and the Accident Matrix© developed by Dan Meyer and refined by Jed Williamson.

All of these models addressed a part of how accidents happen but I didn’t find that they any of them told the whole story, so I developed the Risk Assessment and Safety Management Model (RASM). I hope that you find it a useful approach to risk management for your program.

You can also watch a short RASM Video of this presentation and read the RASM Article.