Pandemic Margins: Transformative Justice during COVID-19

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Association for Experiential Education
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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

We are in a remarkable season of global mutuality. It’s safe to say that almost anyone you pass on the street or see online has thought about the same thing you have today: pandemic. And because of pandemic, many of us are newly experiencing how systems (think state government, schools, housing, public transport, food production, social services) do or do not serve us. But there are also communities of resilience who have been not only surviving but thriving amidst unjust systems for generations: people of color, immigrants, the queer community, folks with disabilities, and others. In this experiential webinar, we’ll discern together how White Supremacy Culture affects these systems and our bodies. Through an anti-racist lens, we will engage with a series of short case study videos featuring women of color in social work, medicine, community organizing, and spiritual direction sharing about how COVID-19 has affected their communities/ those they serve, and brilliant stories of resilience + resistance from the margins.