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Date Posted: May 08, 2022
Extreme Rescues tells dramatic real-life stories from across the globe using footage captured by the rescuers themselves.
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Date Posted: Apr 27, 2020
The traditional Safety I approach to risk management focuses on what is going wrong and takes a ‘control mistakes’ approach. Safety II focuses on what is going right and works to ensure that those factors which create success are present in all programming.
Type: Blog
Date Posted: Apr 26, 2020
On April 24 I offered a Webinar on COVID-19 and Risk Management in collaboration with the Association for Experiential Education as part of their ongoing COVID-19 Webinar series.
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Date Posted: Mar 31, 2019
The RASM Risk Level Quantifier is a simple Excel Spreadsheet that allows you to configure different Risk Management Probability Levels and Severity Levels to determine the Risk Level.
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Date Posted: Mar 30, 2019
This model is designed to provide your organization and your staff with a real-world tool to help you prepare for risk, analyze risk in the field, and help reduce it. I hope that you find this information helpful the overall risk management plan for your organization.
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Date Posted: Feb 03, 2019
Learn how the IncidentAnalytix Cloud-based incident database tracking and analytics system can help you manage risk within your organization
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Date Posted: Aug 05, 2018
Pamela Simpson relives her May 2017 experience drowning off the coast of Laguna Beach and discusses the importance of always paddling with a partner.
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Date Posted: Aug 05, 2018
A paddling accident leads to two deaths in the cold waters off Dungeness Spit, Washington and serves as a tragic reminder to always dress for immersion.
Type: Article
Date Posted: Jun 24, 2018
Elevate your Risk Management Practices to a whole new level with the IncidentAnalytix Platform
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Date Posted: Jul 08, 2017
This is a presentation by Drew Leemon from the NOLS Summit 2017. This annual event at the National Outdoor Leadership School headquarters in Lander, Wyoming brings together NOLS staff, alumni and experts in outdoor leadership from around the world.