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AEE Webinar: The Developing Adolescent Brain with Respect to Education and Safety Management

Author(s): Steve Creech
Video Release Date: November 16, 2015
Video Source: YouTube

Description: Are you sometimes dumbfounded why an adolescent did something that seemed so obviously risky? Well, it may have been out of their control. In an ever-evolving world of education and neuroscience research, this workshop focuses on understanding developing adolescent brains and implications for educators. We will explore competing levels of maturity in the brain’s pre-frontal cortex and limbic system. By examining research as well as through interactive demonstrations and activities, we will focus on transferring knowledge into intentional educational and empowering strategies for creating engaging experiential learning opportunities and improved safety management, particularly in the outdoors.

Presenter: Steve Creech
Steve loves learning and loves inspiring others with what he has learned. He gets to teach staff and students about the wilderness, education, leadership, and developing strong character in his role as an Associate Program Director for the Colorado Outward Bound School in Moab.
In his own words ‘My background with adolescent neuroscience is largely through personal studies. I was initially grabbed by the writing of Malcolm Gladwell and have since followed my passion for understanding the brain through books and scientific articles focusing on the developing brain through childhood, teenage years, and into the 20s. I have used this information to synthesize and contextualize the experiences I’ve had over the last fourteen years working with adolescents: H.S. student teaching, summer camps, guiding, wilderness therapy, outdoor education, and my last 8 years working with the Colorado Outward Bound School as a Course Director, Trainer, and Associate Program Director.’

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