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Author(s): Nouria Newman
Video Release Date: November 20, 2016
Video Source: Vimeo

It’s not just about the whitewater. Kayaking takes you to some incredible places with some amazing people.

Big THANKS to all my friends

While most paddlers struggle to master just one sport, Nouria Newman combines several of them. She competes in canoe, freestyle and extreme kayaking, and excels in each and every one of them.

Her 2013 results prove that she’s one of a kind. In May she won the Ottawa XL, one of the most important freestyle world meetings. A few months later she became Under 23 European vice champion in slalom, at Bourg-Saint-Maurice. She then did it again in September, in Prague, when she earned the silver medal at the senior world slalom championships. And last, but not least, she was crowned extreme kayaking world champion in October, in Austria, leaving her rival 28 seconds behind her. 

It’s hard to understand how such an outstanding athlete would have any spare time to partake in any ‘normal’ activities, such as studying. However, last September, after three years at Sciences Po Toulouse, she entered the journalism department of the famous school.

“Journalism is actually very similar to kayaking,” she says, “you always have to adapt!”.

But that’s Nouria, always where you don’t expect her.

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