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Baird Bros: Canoe Adventure Temagami Wilderness in Canada

Author(s): Baird Brothers
Video Release Date: December 5, 2018
Video Source: YouTube

Cowboy coffee, wet socks on, ready to tackle the day! The Baird Bros. are behind schedule and tensions run high as they have yet another day of back-breaking portages ahead of them. Exhausted but not yet broken, they survive the rain and are treated to a double rainbow and cup of sweet fern tea at the end of the day.

Jim and Ted Baird, Season 4 Alone winners, have explored and endured over 10,000 miles of the worlds most brutal terrain. Now, they’re pushing off on a 2 week, 140 mile canoe trip in the Temagami Wilderness of Canada. This backcountry adventure will test their skills and strength as they paddle and portage through the bush with close to 1,000 lbs between themselves, their gear and Jim’s faithful dog Buck. The Bros. will educate and inspire you to get out and explore these beautiful wild places, and to course your own adventure!

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