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Chains of Habit – Living with Depression

Author(s): Mountain Hardwear
Video Release Date: September 18, 2022
Video Source: YouTube

When you see a beautiful picture of a person standing on top of a big mountain, it’s easy to assume their life, one of adventure, must be bliss. It’s simple, right? No screens, no deadlines, just the awe of nature and moving your body in places most of us only dream of. You’re at the top of the world–you should feel it, right? But the reality is: When you live with depression, it doesn’t care where you are, how high you’ve climbed, or how many peaks you’ve bagged. For outdoor photographer and Mountain Hardwear alpinist @tedhesser, being outside saves him. It’s a matter of survival. Chains of Habit brings to light his own struggle, in hopes of destigmatizing the conversation around mental health, and encourage others to get outside and get well. Watch the full film at mountainhardwear.com/chains-of-habit.html

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