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Onsighting Super-hard Bouldery 9a? | La Musa 9a & Guerriero Del Futuro 9a

Author(s): Adam Ondra
Video Release Date: September 14, 2022
Video Source: YouTube

The great thing about partly living in Arco (Italy) this winter was that there are many crags around to go for one-day trips! Covolo is a great crag, an amazing wall with good rock and plenty of routes. I had been there twice already, but Silvio Reffo recently made a new FA of La Musa 9a, and I wanted to check it out and possibly give it a good onsight try. Well, I could not do La Musa, but I ended up climbing a very different route after quite a bit of A FIGHT at the very end of the day! ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE IN THE VIDEO SETTINGS

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