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Coast Mountain Chronicles: The Bishop River Part I

Author(s): NRS
Video Release Date: April 20, 2023
Video Source: YouTube

“So here we are on day nine of a planned seven-day trip. We’re clearly out of food. I don’t have a sleeping bag. I’m really tired, really cold. It’s time to get out and on back to civilization.”— Eric Parker Deep in the Pacific Ranges of British Columbia’s Coast Mountains, the Bishop River flows west, dropping 4,500 feet in the 45 miles from its source at the Bishop Glacier until it meets the sea at Bute Inlet. A scan on Google Earth reveals dense forest and a series of steep canyons in a remote wilderness. The only way in is by helicopter or float plane. The only way out is by foot or boat. Join Todd Wells, Eric Parker and Chris Korbulic as they attempt a descent of the Bishop River to Bute Inlet. Nine days down 70 kilometers of steep, remote and minimally explored whitewater became exponentially more complex when, with 40 river miles left to go, Todd’s boat plummeted into the river, taking food and essential gear with it. In partnership with BC Whitewater, Coast Mountain Chronicles offers a visual narrative spanning three years of whitewater adventure through the seldom explored watersheds of the Pacific and Boundary Mountain Ranges in British Columbia.

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