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Creating Safe Spaces Roundtable

Author(s): National Wildlife
Video Release Date: February 8, 2021
Video Source: YouTube

By recognizing the unique experiences that Black, Indigenous, people of color and individuals with varying abilities face in nature and the outdoors, we seek to launch a multi-year initiative that will be focused on engaging subgroups of individuals to elevate issues, concerns, and potential solutions that are tailored to address the unique challenges and barriers that varying identity groups face when safely accessing and enjoying the outdoors. To initiate our multi-year efforts, in partnership with Outdoor Afro, Black AF in STEM and Patagonia, we seek to shed light on the challenges that Black people face in safely accessing outdoor green spaces. Through a series of regional roundtables culminating in a national townhall, The National Wildlife Federation and its partners hope to provide Black individuals with the opportunity to share their experiences in navigating green spaces, and identify inhibitors for Black people navigating the outdoors safely. We hope to utilize the lessons learned from these roundtables to develop a report highlighting the overarching issues that exist in this space, and ultimately leverage the voices of those who choose to share their experiences by hosting a briefing on Capitol Hill in 2021.

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