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In Disaster There is Opportunity – Finding a Path Through Paralysis | Martyn Ashton

Author(s): Martyn Ashton
Video Release Date: December 19, 2017
Video Source: YouTube

Martyn explains the unbelievable challenge presented by a career ending injury, and how he used a unique approach to tackle it. “If I’m going to be paralysed, then I may as well be good at it!”

Taking us through the antics of a man searching for a way to face the test of a lifetime, using the instinct of a competitor, plus the enjoyment and passion of a sportsman to not only discover new things but to ultimately find his way back to the sport he loves most, riding bikes.

Martyn has been a professional Mountain Biker since 1992 and in that time has won a World Championship and numerous British Titles. However he’s probably best known for his live stunt shows and his highly successful YouTube video series ‘Road Bike Party’ films in which he takes highly expensive (and fragile) carbon road bikes on an exhilarating journey of stunts, obstacles and vertigo inducing skill that the viewer could never expect.

However, in 2013 Martyn suffered a spinal cord injury whilst performing in a live stunt show. The accident seemingly ended his riding career, leaving him paralysed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life… but in his own words “Who would have thought that my greatest days of riding were ahead of me?”

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