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It’s Raining So What: The Story of Joe Stone

Video Release Date: November 13, 2016
Video Source: Vimeo

Meet Joe Stone

Joe Stone has always been an avid outdoor enthusiast. Flying, biking and hiking in the mountains is what Joe lives for. On August 13, 2010, everything came crashing down when Joe had a Speed Flying accident in Missoula, Montana that rendered him an incomplete c7 quadriplegic. Not willing to let this newly acquired disability slow him down, Joe has been on a mission to not only get his outdoor lifestyle back, but he is working to inspire others along the way. In 2013 Joe was the first wheelchair-using quadriplegic to attempt a 140.6-mile Ironman triathlon. He is now a motivational speaker, a peer mentor, an outdoor adventurer and a co-founder of the Joe Stone Foundation. His goal is to help people push beyond the boundaries of perceived limitations and show that we can find a higher quality of life, no matter our situation. 

Joe’s first film – It’s Raining So What is being released in November 2016.

Life can change in an instant. How we chose to respond can change the course of our lives, and those around us significantly. The documentary film, IT’S RAINING, SO WHAT! Takes you on a journey that explores the power of the human spirit, and the potential we all have in us when we chose to recognize and acknowledge our perceived limitations, and push though them to find out what is truly possible.

Visit Joe’s website itsrainingsowhat.com to learn more about the film and the community Joe is creating and sign up for access to the World Premiere Online screening starting Nov. 24, 2016

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