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Koktuli Wild

Video Release Date: April 21, 2019
Video Source: Vimeo

At the heart of the Alaskan Pebble Mine controversy, the Koktuli River winds its way through the Alaskan bushland from its source at Frying Pan Lake to Bristol Bay. Known for the salmon that return to the region each year in epic proportions to spawn and die, disrupting the landscape vital to this eco-system would devastate the fishery, its industry and peripheral wildlife tourism industries as well. This massive project would set a dangerous new precedent for mining and development in the Bristol Bay region and all of Alaska.

Growing up on the banks of the Kenai River, Brendan Wells has a strong connection to Alaska, its landscape and wildlife, its history and future. Which is why, intrigued by this remote area and the threats the watershed faces, he and three friends took a more intimate approach to the controversy by experiencing wild Alaska in the spirit of river adventure.

Learn more about the Pebble Mine and how you can help: savebristolbay.org

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