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La Sportiva Presents: MONUMENT

Author(s): La Sportiva North America
Video Release Date: August 17, 2023
Video Source: YouTube

While hiking up to the cliffs at White Bluff Provincial Park, it’s hard to miss the monumental crack that splits the cliff from bottom to top. The route has inspired climbers since the 1980s, and finally Peter Croft, the legendary climbing icon, made the first free ascent with impeccable style in 1987. Since then, the route doesn’t get as much love as it should – BUT – there’s some new cracktologists on the scene. After a hiatus from crack climbing, Jared Nelson, teams up with the up-and-comer, Evan Peplinski, who trains on his basement crack simulator called “Skid Row”. Their goal; get the ‘First Send Train Ascent!’ of the Monument. This is Shawn Tron’s second short about local legends and he brings the story to life with animated archival images and camera angles from the climber’s perspectives. Only one drone was donated to the lake during production.

Presented by La Sportiva North America
Film by Shawn Tron

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