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Melanin Base Camp: Titan Project

Author(s): Melanin Base Camp
Video Release Date: August 16, 2020
Video Source: YouTube

Sabrina Chapman, a Canadian sport climber with African & Indian heritage, is on a mission to send her first 5.14a – the threshold for elite climbing. Titan Project is also much more than that. It’s a story of one womxn’s journey of self acceptance, healing and resilience. This majority crowdfunded film about a Black womxn climber was made possible by our 416 Kickstarter backers, who helped us raise over $28,000, and by the generous support of MEC, Marmot and Trango Extraordinary Climbing. Leave us a comment below. You can also learn more about this film by visiting melaninbasecamp.com/titan.

Follow us at instagram.com/melaninbasecamp and facebook.com/melaninbasecamp.

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