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The Mersey To The Malverns! – Danny MacAskill and The Drop And Roll Tour

Topics:  Biking
Author(s): Danny MacAskill
Video Release Date: December 25, 2022
Video Source: YouTube

Rounding off another action packed year for the Drop And Roll Tour, join us for the final trip of the season as we go 100% GoPro and bring you onboard for the ride to the Malverns Classic! From The Mersey To the Malvern’s, sees myself and the Drop and Roll crew head south from Scotland along to the Malverns Classic “The UK’s Biggest Mountain Bike Party” near Bristol. Stopping off on the banks of the River Mersey and the streets of Liverpool getting ourselves warmed up and ready for another weekend of shows…with Duncan Shaw, Ali Clarkson, and for the first time ever with the Drop and Roll Tour, Ben Travis. And of course we couldn’t be at the Malvern’s Classic without the team tackling the infamous “lake ride” which saw competitors racing to see who could be fastest to cross a sketchy bridge of pontoons over the river with varying levels of success! A record breaking year for the Drop and Roll Tour has seen us take the show all around Europe performing on front of more people than ever, and for the first time, has seen us stopping off at the British rounds of both the Formula 1 at Silverstone and Formula E in London… Other highlights included celebrating the opening of Bike Republic Solden’s bike season back in the Spring, and joining the Eurobike family again for the festival days at their new venue in Frankfurt, Germany!

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