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What to Wear Kayaking, especially in the winter!

Author(s): Send School - Kayaking Tutorials
Video Release Date: January 8, 2023
Video Source: YouTube

Whew! This a long one, packed with helpful info! Originally, I started this video for just winter paddling, but over time I realized that I had to cover the summer layers as a part of my layering system anyway. This is a TON of information, so give it time and try to follow if you can. Ultimately, a good layering system consists of a moisture wicking base layer, a mid layer for the appropriate amount of warmth, and a shell to block the wind and water. I’ll also explain why I don’t recommend wetsuits for paddling. Make sure you wear your ear plugs too, if you’re getting wet, to avoid the bone growth affecting the ears of nearly every kayaker! If you’re not sure why, watch this: https://youtu.be/SVbvWBb0Vws to learn more about surfers ear. Remember, it’s easy to think as a beginner that cheaper gear is the way to go, but there are some things a beginner should never skimp on, like a good helmet and proper winter gear.

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