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The Porter

Author(s): Nathaniel J. Menninger
Video Release Date: September 20, 2020
Video Source: Vimeo

A young privileged American attempts to make history at Everest by becoming one of the first ever foreign-born Porters to aid a Mt. Everest expedition. But in doing so, experiences a world far above his head. This is an inside look at the darker side of Everest. At the strength, pride and pain of those who support it. And at just how hard it is for a naive foreigner to attempt the same. This is the Porter.

As told by: Nathaniel J. Menninger
Cinematography by: Babin Dulal
In Association with The Small World and Outfitter Nepal

More information available at: theporterfilm.com/
Tour Dates: theporterfilm.com/tour

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