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The River’s Call

Author(s): NRS
Video Release Date: March 21, 2019
Video Source: YouTube

Six kayakers. 400 kilometers. A 17-day self-supported trip down the Apurimac River. In 1975, Calvin Giddings led a group of paddlers down the first descent of Peru’s Abismo de Apurimac. Thanks to their commitment to complete the first descent of the Apurimac’s main whitewater section, the We Are Hungry (WAH) crew can confidently enter this box canyon. Always on the hunt for stout whitewater in remote reaches of the world, this group of French kayakers is known for asking Why. Why are we out here? What are we doing here?

Considered the farthest source of the Amazon, the Apurimac River flows from the Andes, through deep boxed canyons, to the calm waters of the Peruvian jungle. Guided by their passion for the river and their desire for adventure, this trip questions the possibility of living with little, together, in an environment remained untouched by man, a place where only kayakers can go.

Presented by: NRS
Producer: We Are Hungry Productions
Director: Hugo Clouzeau

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