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Show Me How: Sea Kayaking in the Surf

Video Release Date: April 20, 2009
Video Source: YouTube

Learn sea kayaking, paddling and safety skills from Peter Casson of Eastern Mountain Sports, EMS from Show Me How videos.
Sea Kayak Skills and Techniques

Paddling Strokes and Basic Rescues

Let Us Show You How


•How to properly use your paddle
•The proper motion to achieve the best paddle stroke
•How to perform a draw stroke
•To turn your boat by leaning and a paddling
•How to safely get in and out of your kayak
•Equipment you should take with you
•How to perform basic rescue
•The different styles of boats for you
•To use the paddle as a rudder
•The way to carry out an emergency stop
•How to do a proper sweep stroke

Your Host: Peter Casson

Peter Casson has been working in the outdoor business for twenty years. As Kayak Guide and outdoor recreation specialist and is now director of the Kayak School for EMS, Eastern Mountain Sports in Lincoln Woods, Rhode Island.

A native of England, he spent his childhood in the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District walking the mountains and hills with his family. At the ripe age of 8, Peter began kayaking and soon proceeded through the British Canoe Union syllabus. By his early 20’s he was instructing in Bavaria and the Hertz Mountains in Germany on both white water and flat water. Before completing his 14 years with the British Army he found time to sail the west coast of Scotland and explore much of the British coastline in a sea kayak.

Once arriving in the States in 1999 he had the opportunity to work with the American Canoe Association and achieve Advanced Open Water Instructor Trainer status to complement his British Canoe Union Coach 4 Sea Award and Coach 3 River and a Level 3 Assessor.
For the complete video visit www.showmehowvideos.com

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