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Ski Mountaineering Skills with Andrew McLean: Skinning

Author(s): Backcountry Magazine
Video Release Date: December 15, 2016
Video Source: Vimeo

In this Episode: Andrew McLean teaches skinning with style, from kickturns to sidehilling. Catch his pointers to keep you steady on the up.

Each week, Basecamp T.V. in collaboration with Andrew McLean will bring you a new skill to help grow your ski mountaineering grey matter and improve your understanding of how to move in technical terrain. Over 11 episodes, McLean will cover tips, tricks and techniques to get you safely where you want to go in the backcountry.

Basecamp T.V.’s Ski Mountaineering Skills with Andrew McLean is brought to you by Backcountry Magazine and Outdoor Research.
Shot on Location in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah and beyond

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