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Uncompromising: Emily Jackson

Author(s): Emily Jackson
Video Release Date: February 19, 2015
Video Source: YouTube

“There is zero competition in being yourself.”

Emily Jackson is a 2x World Champion Freestyle Kayaker, 7x Teva Mountain Game winner, mother, wife, and team manager for her families company Jackson Kayak. While playing the various roles life has guided her towards, there is one thing she has learnt that keeps her on top of her game- and that is to never compromise herself. She will be giving a talk on how each one of us can be our very best, as a mom, spouse, athlete, and all around human being- and how we can steps to make sure we are never compromising ourselves. 

Emily says everyday we are faced with the challenge of comparing ourselves and self-worth to others. In this process we are losing our true identity and creativity. We live in a society that determines how we feel and think about things to be based on other people’s observations and perspectives. How are we supposed to be trail blazers and living the life that only we have dreamed if we spend our time comparing it to those around us constantly. By creating our priority list we can go confidently in the direction we choose, all comparisons aside, and no compromising. Quite simply, she is “Uncompromising.”

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