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STEP BY STEP | The North Face

Author(s): The North Face
Video Release Date: October 13, 2023
Video Source: YouTube

“Step by Step” is an inspiring film that delves into the extraordinary journey of Katie Schide, an exceptional trail runner who captured the world’s attention. After her triumphant victory at the prestigious UTMB (Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc) in 2022, Katie sets her sights on the Western States Endurance Run in 2023. As she tackles this grueling challenge, the film takes viewers on a captivating exploration of both races while unraveling the essence of who Katie truly is. Witness her incredible feat as she crosses the finish line of the Western States race in second place, securing the second-best time ever recorded. Through the highs and lows, victories and setbacks, “Step by Step” paints a vivid portrait of Katie Schide and the incredible world of trail running, inspiring audiences to embrace their own journeys and conquer their dreams, one step at a time.

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