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Luminoso – The Search For Why | Central Mexico Climbing | adidas TERREX

Author(s): adidas TERREX
Video Release Date: September 14, 2023
Video Source: YouTube

Mexico’s El Potrero Chico is a climbing paradise. El Sendero Luminoso and its beautiful limestone pitches being prime examples. Artist, storyteller and passionate climber N.S. David finds herself tackling this Central Mexico climbing quest – while chasing an answer to her bigger question: why do we climb? Since learning to climb 15 years ago, she has dedicated herself to multi-pitch climbing on the world’s best routes and biggest walls. Now, she’s taking on her dream summit and most famous climbing route yet: to resolve the question she’s long asked. Join N.S. David on this climbing trip into central Mexico’s legendary El Potrero Chico – as she battles huge storms, food poisoning, and swarms of bees, all in an effort to answer that simple question. Why do we climb? This film is part of adidas TERREX’s United by Summits initiative, helping people realize their dream summits.

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