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The Coast Mountain Chronicles: The Klinaklini

Author(s): NRS
Video Release Date: June 1, 2023
Video Source: YouTube

“Rarely do you see things of this volume drop this much, let alone in a gorged-in canyon in the middle of BC.” — Erik Boomer The Klinaklini River, a 125-mile ribbon of whitewater found amongst the rugged mountains of British Columbia’s central coast, has fascinated paddlers for decades. While the upper section is commercially rafted (by a fortunate few), there had been five attempted descents on the Klinaklini Gorge since 1997, none of which had been successful. Drawing on beta from past expeditions, Todd Wells, Erik Boomer, Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbulic joined forces to see if the Klinaklini was truly “unrunnable.” In partnership with BC Whitewater, Coast Mountain Chronicles offers a visual narrative spanning three years of whitewater adventure through the seldom explored watersheds of the Pacific and Boundary Mountain Ranges in British Columbia.

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