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Author(s): Alastair Humphreys
Video Release Date: November 17, 2016
Video Source: YouTube

Last year I (Alastair Humphreys) spent a week in Scotland making a film about bothies. This Easter I returned to make a new film with my friend Tem. We spent a glorious week zooming around the Highlands and Cairngorms. Our plan was to make a film about wilderness – its appeal and its importance – and at the same time try to introduce more people to the words of John Muir and the important work of the John Muir Trust. I really hope that you enjoy the film.

Could I ask you please to…

1) Share the film on your own social media channels

2) Follow the John Muir Trust on Facebook – facebook.com/JohnMuirTrust – or Twitter – twitter.com/JohnMuirTrust

3) Consider becoming a member of the John Muir Trust – johnmuirtrust.org

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