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The World Beneath the Rims

Author(s): American Rivers
Video Release Date: June 6, 2016
Video Source: YouTube

There are few places in the world like the Grand Canyon, a place that is so magical, so immense, and so recognizable by literally billions of people around the planet. The Grand Canyon inspires so many, whether by standing on its rims and gazing into the abyss, by the neck-craning views at the bottom of the gorge, or being enveloped by the fragile life clinging in its small seeps, springs and waterfalls that sustain small, intimate spaces within this giant landscape. Precious water in this arid environment not only created the place, but sustains its life and allure to so many, and provides inspiration for artists who come to the Canyon to discover and expose their inner creativity.

Guided by author Kevin Fedarko (The Emerald Mile) we explore the lives of world-renowned painter Bruce Aiken and Grand Canyon photographer Amy Martin. We experience how the Grand Canyon, particularly water beneath the rims, both inspires their art, connecting them to this iconic landscape. They reflect upon personal struggles, upon being humbled by an intimidating subject, and upon the need to protect this place and all of its features, large and small.

As David Brower once said, “Truth and beauty can still win battles. We need more art, we need more passion, more wit in defense of the Earth.” We need more Kevin Fedarko’s, we need more Amy Martin’s, and we need more Bruce Aiken’s in defense of the Grand Canyon.

Special thanks to our partners Northwest River Supplies (NRS), Klean Kanteen, Osprey Packs, and Keen Footwear for making this special film a reality.

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