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Youth Salmon Protectors Take on Deadbeat Dams

Author(s): Patagonia
Video Release Date: June 28, 2023
Video Source: YouTube

Witness the Youth Salmon Protectors of Idaho as they work tirelessly to restore and preserve the region’s wild salmon and steelhead populations. These highly motivated teenagers are shaping the future of salmon and steelhead conservation through their commitment to climate and tribal justice, fighting against the looming threat of extinction. take on the challenge of restoring wild salmon and steelhead populations. Join us on an incredible journey along the Snake River, where the fate of these iconic fish hangs in the balance, reminding us of the vital role youth activism plays in safeguarding our ecosystems and ensuring a sustainable future for all. Youth Salmon Protectors highlights the urgency of environmental action and the indomitable spirit of the next generation. Film directed by Leif Everson.

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