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Welcome to the NEW

Current Job Postings

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Job Company Location
Lifeguards Camp Thoreau
  • Northeast US
Lead Program Instructor Endless Horizons
  • Mid-Atlantic US
Outdoor Education Teacher/Naturalist Echo Hill Outdoor School
  • Mid-Atlantic US
Summer Camp Animal Care Instructor Camp Kinneret Summer Day Camp
  • California
Summer Camp Nature & Ecology Instructor Camp Kinneret Summer Day Camp
  • California

Upcoming Trainings

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Featured Law Center Case

A Club climbing wall employee and client arrange a “side deal” and ignore the Club’s posted rules regarding use of the wall. Following the client’s injury, who is responsible? 

Price: $25.00

Company Directory

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Company/School Region
DCA, Outdoor Recreation Programs
  • Rocky Mountains US
Landmark College
  • Northeast US
Camp Deerhorn
  • Central North US
  • International
Chewonki Foundation
  • Northeast US

Featured Blog

Author: Paul Auerbach
Prostacyclin (a derived form of a prostaglandin) is a bioactive compound that is believed to have beneficial effects in treating frostbite. It works by inhibiting a certain type of blood clotting caused by platelets, which are “sticky” blood components essential in the blood-clotting cascade.... Read more

Upcoming Events

Type: Conference
Dates: Thu, Apr 16, 2015 - Thu, Apr 16, 2015
City: Becket
State/Province: MA
Country: United States
Type: Conference
Dates: Wed, Oct 14, 2015 - Fri, Oct 16, 2015
City: Portland
State/Province: OR
Country: United States

Advocating for Risk in a Risk Averse World - Christopher Barnes - 2012 WRMC

Advocating for Risk in a Risk Averse World

One of the core presentations at the 2012 Wilderness Risk Management Conference. This is one example of how valuable it is to attend this annual conference.

Find out about the upcoming Wilderness Risk Management Conference at WRMC Conference

Outdoor Education: Publish or Perish?

We all know what this means in an academic setting. For all of us in the outdoor education field, publish or perish means something different. Something real. As outdoor professionals if we don't publish and share our best practices, our ideas and experience across programs it is a fact that people can perish and programs can perish as well. We all know of outdoor programs that have simply 'gone away' because they didn't have the resources--not just money: they lacked trained staff, protocols, solid curriculum, excellent risk management, etc. Outdoor Education isn't just about teaching our clients, it's also about us continuing to learn. That means each of us a professional staying up to date with our field in order for our industry to remain vibrant, professional and safe. We've done our part to build a platform for you to learn. Now it's time to do your part. Share.

Click here to be part of the Publish or Perish Challenge

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