If you can Dream it, you can Teach it.

Company: Allfalfa Inc.

Job Type: Freelance

Job Description

Allfalfa is seeking outdoor educators to share their knowledge, skills, and expertise with the world.

Our platform is designed to give you the freedom to teach your own courses, whether 1-on-1, group sessions, or long-term courses. We host a broad array of disciplines geared towards a lifetime of learning and personal development, and are specifically looking for outdoor educators to host classes on all things outdoors from the academic, to the practical, to the inspirational (e.g. you can teach ecology and natural sciences, rock-climbing & survival skills, or tell your story about flying your C5 over the North Pole). Whatever you can dream up, we’re interested to hear it!

Check out allfalfa.com to learn more and see what other kinds of classes we offer. You are free to set your own dates and price. Teach in between seasonal jobs, or on the side, or full time, it’s up to you.

**Feel free to submit a proposal on allfalfa.com, or email [email protected]**

Who we are –
We are the Unaccredited University of the World. Our mission is to promote culture, curiosity, and enlightenment. We operate under a “permanent pledge” of 10% of our profits to education and conservation initiatives.

Who we are looking for –
Those willing to exercise their intellectual and creative freedom. We are extraordinarily open minded when it comes to course ideas. If you can dream it, you can teach it.

What sets us apart –
Our focus is on the diversity of ideas. And in contrast to the mainstream sources of learning on the internet, everything we do is 100% LIVE. Meaning you will teach in a video-conference setting, or in person.

You can find a set of FAQs and further information on www.allfalfa.com.

A selection of our course themes:
Biology — Dance — Design — Film — Fine Arts — History — Language — Literature — Music — Outdoors — Professional — Religion — Sports — Technology — Writing — Yoga & Meditation

Availability:  Unlimited Availability

How to Apply

**Feel free to submit a proposal on allfalfa.com, or email [email protected]**
Posted on: June 30, 2020
Job Type: Freelance
Job Starting Date:
April 21, 2024
Application Closing Date:
April 21, 2024
Preferred/Required Degree Level: Not Specified