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Adventure Nannies

Updated: September 30, 2016

Adventure Nannies is focused on matching top private educators and nannies with active and traveling families. Born from a sense of adventure and passion for kids, we strive to match our talented, out-of-the-box candidates with our very unique families. The families we work with understand the importance of adventure, and seek nannies and educators who will foster a love for the outdoors and education in their children. 

Our most common positions include:

Private educators and nannies for unschooling, worldschooling, and roadschooling families

Private educators nannies for frequently traveling families 

Short-term and long-term travel placements

Tour nannies for bands and entertainers 



Company Type(s): Profit
Company Category(ies): Internet Company
Region(s): International
Population(s): Youth - General


Address 1: 420 Lexington Ave
Address 2: Suite 1756
City: New York
State/Province: New York
Country: United States
Postal Code: 10170


Phone: 917-310-2300
Contact Person: Emily

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