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Cleveland Metroparks

Updated: February 8, 2012

Cleveland Metroparks is a beautiful and diverse green space devoted to conservation, education and outdoor recreation.  Called the “Emerald Necklace” because it majestically encircles the city of Cleveland, the Park District offers an array of facilities, wildlife areas, outdoor education programs, and opportunities for recreation from golfing, hiking and swimming, to kayaking, tobogganing and birding.

Cleveland Metroparks was established July 23, 1917, to provide open space for the people of Greater Cleveland, as well as to preserve the wonders of the natural landscape.  Today, the Park District consists of more than 22,000 acres in 16 reservations, 8 golf courses and Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.


Address 1: 4101 Fulton Parkway
City: Cleveland
State/Province: Ohio
Country: United States
Postal Code: 44144


Phone: 2166353241
Contact Person: Joel Howson

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