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Confluence Experience

Updated: July 19, 2003

We offer leadership, team, system studies, and change programs conducted in spectacular mountains and on rivers, that stimulates your senses, separates you from day-to-day routine, challenges your assumptions and demonstrates natural laws that govern all living systems.

We’ve developed the most results-driven seminars in the market, so we wanted the most effective environment in existence. Our methods are unmatched in the industry and we know how to utilize the river and mountains as an educational setting that is simply incomparable.

Because that’s what it’s all about: results. Our mission is to apply the learning back on the job. Each expedition centers around a proven action plan to translate the experience fluidly and effectively back into the workplace.

Confluence is the integration of new systems and approaches into your company’s current organization or culture. It’s about coming together. And it’s no simple task.

But it is a task that your company must master to ensure that you not only survive, but thrive in an ever-changing corporate world while navigating the 21st century business world.

That’s where Confluence comes in. We diagnose your company’s present effectiveness and then provide customized training that will enable you to not only increase your effectiveness, but maximize it.

That’s why we chose the river as our favorite classroom and the mountains as our retreat. It’s the optimum environment to learn how systems, people, and natural laws can flow together. We’re not outdoor enthusiasts trying to break our way into the business world. We’re professional corporate trainers. Simply put, we’re the best at what we do and we use the river because it’s the very best place to do it.

Yes, the river is an amazing experience. Yes, your employees will make memories that will last a lifetime. But more importantly, the river is the most unique and effective classroom on earth. Your employees will go home with more than just incredible memories.

They’ll be prepared to meet and make changes to ensure your company’s success. That’s because your expedition will center around your needs and translate the experiences of the trip into the workplace.

After all, that’s the very definition of Confluence. It’s the bringing together of people, systems and natural laws to discover harmony at it’s very highest form.

Offer your team a confluence experience.


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