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Girl Scouts of Northern California: Bothin, Skylark Ranch and Sugar Pine Camps

Updated: April 5, 2015
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3 Camps… Endless Amazing Journeys!

Our camps, Bothin, Skylark Ranch and Sugar Pine, offer a unique life experience designed to help girls discover and develop themselves. Within a safe and supportive environment, girls participate in activities that develop skills, build self-esteem, and provide a sense of accomplishment. The programs are well-rounded and are appropriate to the age, interests, and abilities of the campers. What makes our camps so special is the connection experienced with new friends, the support of a trained staff, and outdoor experiences that provide progression, challenge, and FUN, all in a place just for girls!

Working at a camp is one of the most rewarding jobs you will ever have.

But with these rewards, also comes challenges and moments when you may ask yourself, “why did I sign up for this?” With this exhausting and hard work comes an experience you will cherish for a lifetime. You’ll play hard, laugh, grow and pay it forward to the new generation behind you! We’re looking for staff who believes in the power of connecting kids to nature, and are driven to make a difference in the lives of all of our campers. WHAT YOU DO MATTERS!

Above all, you must be a powerful positive role model and mentor for girls.

You must also…

Demonstrate true teamwork

Foster an inclusive community

Put the needs of others ahead of your own

Be flexible and adaptable, and 

Radiate patience, and when you think you’re about to run out, find more 

Check us out at CampRocks.org


Address 1: 1650 Harbor Bay Parkway
City: Alameda
State/Province: California
Country: United States
Postal Code: 94502


Phone: 510-562-8470
Contact Person: Tori Barnes

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