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Linsly School/Outdoor Center

Updated: April 1, 2015

The Linsly Outdoor Center, known as LOC was developed through a cooperative effort of The Linsly School, and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources. LOC is a three-season outdoor education facility located approximately 45 minutes west of Pittsburgh, PA.  LOC is located in Raccoon Creek State Park.  LOC provides 1-5 day programs combining adventure and environmental education. 

Responsibilities include leading groups of 8-12 through our challenge courses and environmental education programs.  Other activities include hiking, backpacking and rock climbing.  Partial training is provided.

Benefits include salary $ 275-350 per week D.O.E. certifications and length of contract.  Private dorm style room and partial board, with limited internet access, washer/dryer on site.  

Seasons run spring April 6, summer May 10 and fall August 9 with possibility of 9-month contract. Bachelor or Associate degree in related field preferred.  To Apply:  Submit a resume, cover letter and the names and contact information of at least three references professional references to:    


Linsly Outdoor Center                    [email protected]

2425 State Route 168

Georgetown, PA 15043-1066      

Company Type(s): Non-Profit
Company Category(ies): Experiential Education
Region(s): Northeast US
Population(s): General
Facility(ies): Open to Clients
Grade Level(s): Not Selected


Address 1: 2425 State Route 168
City: Georgetown
State/Province: Pennsylvania
Country: United States
Postal Code: 15043


Phone: 724-899-2100
Fax: 724-899-2100
Contact Person: Jeff Hasis

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