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HawkWatch International

Updated: January 7, 2003

HawkWatch International (HWI) is a membership based, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1986. Staff and volunteers work to protect hawks, eagles, other birds of prey and their environment through research, education, and conservation. Raptors occupy large home ranges, inhabit most terrestrial ecosystems, are sensitive to human-caused disturbances, and feed at the top of their respective food pyramids. Therefore, they serve as important biological indicators of environmental problems that may threaten entire ecosystems. Healthy raptor populations suggest healthy populations of associated prey species, and healthy habitat to support all of them. HWI research focuses on monitoring of raptors over the long term in western North America by conducting season-long migration counts at sites along raptor flyways. Several of the count sites include on-site education opportunities. Educators live with the research crew and work along with them when they aren’t interacting with visitors. There are also opportunities for participants to get involved in migration counts or trapping and banding operations. Many sites require camping, and there are ample chances for hiking in many spectacular places where count sites are located.

Company Type(s): Non-Profit
Region(s): California
Grade Level(s): Not Applicable


Address 1: 1800 S. West Temple, Suite 226
City: Salt Lake City
State/Province: Utah
Country: United States
Postal Code: 84115


Phone: (801) 484-6808
Fax: (801) 484-6810
Contact Person: Thom Benedict

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