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Mo-Ranch Environmental Leadership Program

Updated: January 13, 2003

Mo-Ranch is a large Presbyterian conference and retreat center located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country 100 miles northwest of San Antonio. The North Fork of the beautiful Guadelupe River runs right through the middle of Mo-Ranch’s 450 acres. The Environmental Leadership Program(ELP),is one of many departments at Mo-Ranch. ELP has three aspects to its department; a year-round outdoor/environemtal education program serving over 30 schools and 1800 participants a year, a traditional residential Christian summer camp, and a small summer day camp for local children. The ELP goal is “To make use of the natural outdoor environment as an alternative educational setting for activities that promote personal, academic, and sprititual growth. Our objectives are: -To promote growth in group cooperation and leadership skills, self-confidence and self worth through challenging activities in a supportive environment. -To promote a sense of community involvement, belonging and responsibility through daily living in a residential setting. -To stimulate interest and achievment in academics though hands on, interdisciplinary activities that show real life relevancy. -To develop invironmental awareness, and an understanding of responsible management of our natural resources, through learning and living in the natural environment. -To provide the individual and/or group an opportunity for spritual growth through, reflection in a natural environment free from many of society’s daily distractions. -To provide positive adult role modeling through the participant’s interactions with the ELP staff and their group leaders. ELP offers activities in the following areas: Natural Sciences, Outdoor Skills, Group Work and Leadership Skills, and Living History


Address 1: 2229 FM 1340
City: Hunt
State/Province: Texas
Country: United States
Postal Code: 78024-3037


Phone: 800-4604401
Fax: 830-238-4202
Contact Person: Patrick Fitzgerald

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