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Northern Illinois University-Lorado Taft Campus

Updated: February 11, 2004

Located on the site of the Eagle’s Nest Art Colony and named for the colony founder and sculptor, Lorado Taft, the 141-acre campus provides an excellent environment for a wide range of activities. Whether part of a school group in the outdoor education program or a conference group using the facilities for a workshop or retreat, teachers, youth leaders, and children alike have come to Taft Campus to teach and learn in the outdoors and to experience its vitality and sense of renewal.

The purpose of the Outdoor Education Program at Taft is to teach an appreciation, understanding, and awareness of the natural community by studying and interacting with the natural world. Underlying the trip is the belief that learning is not only restricted to the classroom, but is also accomplished in the world around us. Through the combination of related, multidisciplinary activities and an interaction with the natural world, it is hoped that students will not only acquire new knowledge, but will also come to appreciate this philosophy.


Address 1: PO Box 299
City: Oregon
State/Province: Illinois
Country: United States
Postal Code: 61061


Phone: 815/732-2111
Fax: 815/732-4242
Contact Person: Dale Hoppe

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