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Northwest Passage

Updated: November 10, 2015

With individual responsibility and caring relationships, we can all find hope. Northwest Passage offers hope to those who have been unable to find it elsewhere by helping clients and their families look inside themselves and find those greatest pieces of inner strength that life’s troubles have hidden.

Our programs are designed to help children and teens who have felt their lives spin out of control regain their balance, reclaim their self-worth, and put their feet solidly on a path of change. We work with our clients to help them set goals and use individual achievement as a springboard to future competence, happiness, and success.

At NWP, clients learn to make healthy choices and develop the life skills they need to maintain positive changes. We offer comprehensive and flexible treatment options to enhance the opportunity for success.


Address 1: 203 United Way
City: Frederic
State/Province: Wisconsin
Country: United States
Postal Code: 54837


Phone: 715-327-4402
Fax: 715-327-4470
Contact Person: Deb Watson

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