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Outback Therapeutic Expeditions

Updated: February 25, 2005

Outback’s Wilderness Programs blend the best of the “ancient cultural systems” with the most effective and proven therapeutic processes. Your troubled teen will experience the highest standards of safety and therapy in the context of one of the most powerful settings for real change – the wilderness.

There are four basic components to help students in the process of discovering for themselves where their negative habits and behaviors are leading them, learn how to make positive changes, and implement those changes:

1. Outdoor Experience
Coming to an outdoor experience removes students from the many distractions that our modern society offers them. This shift of environment allows students to set external image aside and acquire necessary skills to care for themselves. The wilderness setting acts as a catalyst that moves students out of their comfort zone. As students adjust to their new surroundings, Outback counselors observe their negative habits and positively involve students in safe, constructive activities, and in therapeutic sessions where students begin to think more insightfully and replace negative thoughts and habits with positive ones.
2. Individualized Treatment
Every student has unique experiences and trials. At Outback, each student is given individual time with their therapist to discuss their progress and opportunities for personal growth. After every individual therapy session, parents receive a phone call from their student’s therapist to discuss the student’s progress, goals, and future treatment plans. This creates a truly individualized program for each student and family.
3. The Family
A vital component to the Outback program is family involvement. Parents are involved in every step of their child’s progress. Weekly conference calls with their Outback therapist allow parents to be updated on progress as well as the opportunity to give key insights into specific challenges. Parents are also invited to write letters, which are delivered every Monday- as well as participate in a one-day seminar and an in-field family therapy session before completing the experience. Outback helps both the student and the parents “see the way.” With both student and parents on the same path, continued change and progress is assured.
4. Peer Interaction
Outback groups are single gender and comprise 6-9 students. Daily group sessions provide a forum for addressing group dynamics, individual character development, and specific topics identified in the treatment plan. A balance of support, structure and peer involvement makes Outback groups an effective part of the treatment. Students also mentor new arrivals – which further aids in the acceptance of personal responsibility and insight. The interaction between students provides the opportunity for reflection.


Address 1: 50 N 200 E
City: Lehi
State/Province: Utah
Country: United States
Postal Code: 84043


Phone: 208.724.9077
Fax: 208.384.9910
Contact Person: Mike Justis

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