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Outward Bound Canada

Updated: December 17, 2001

An Outward Bound expedition is more than just canoeing, kayaking and mountaineering. It’s an adventure in the classic sense of the word. It’s about dealing with the unknown. It’s about meeting challenges. And it’s about learning. Learning about yourself, about others, about the environment, and most of all, about your potential.

Since 1969, over 80,000 people have taken part in an Outward Bound experience in Canada. Our courses compel you to dig deep. With encouragement and support, you transcend the illusion of limitations, and find new strength and confidence within yourself. It’s a total workout for the body, mind and spirit.

Outward Bound courses are challenging, exhilarating journeys that take place in Canada’s most beautiful wilderness – the majestic peaks of BC’s Coast Mountains, the scenic inlets and ancient rainforest of Clayoquot Sound, the remote and historic waterways of northern Ontario and Quebec’s boreal forests, and the Bay of Fundy’s world-renowned tides and towering cliffs.

The wilderness will be your classroom. The lakes, rivers, forests, mountains, and oceans provide the challenges. Some of these challenges will be physical – launching a sea kayak into the rolling waves of Clayoquot Sound, climbing a rugged peak, or portaging a canoe through a sun-dappled forest. Other challenges are more subtle, such as developing your leadership skills or learning to work effectively as a member of a team. As the course progresses your technical and decision-making abilities grow, offering the opportunity to shift responsibilities from the instructors to you and your group.

The rewards come from meeting these challenges and accomplishing what you thought was impossible. Students not only learn the technical skills demanded by travel in the wilderness, they also develop long-lasting attributes that are the hallmark of Outward Bound – adaptability, courage, resilience, responsibility, persistence, integrity, compassion, service to community, and the ability to work well with others – qualities that will last a lifetime.

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