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St. Mark’s School of Texas

Updated: November 17, 2017

Founded in 1906, St. Mark’s School of Texas is a non-sectarian, college-preparatory, independent day school for boys in grades one through twelve. The School’s charter states that it is “designed to afford its students well-rounded physical, intellectual, moral, and religious training and instruction.” The School is intended to be a diverse community of teachers and students who share a love of learning and who strive for high achievement in whatever they undertake.


St. Mark’s aims to prepare young men to assume leadership and responsibility in a competitive and changing world. To this end, the School professes and upholds certain values. These values include the discipline of postponing immediate gratification in the interests of earning eventual, hard-won satisfaction; the responsibility of defending one’s own ideas, of respecting the views of others, and of accepting the consequences for one’s own actions; and an appreciation for the lively connection between knowledge and responsibility and the obligation to serve.

Company Type(s): School
Company Category(ies): Private School
Region(s): US
Activities: Backpacking
Population(s): Youth - K-12
Grade Level(s): 1-12


Address 1: 10600 Preston Road
City: Dallas
State/Province: Texas
Country: United States
Postal Code: 75230


Phone: 214-346-8142
Contact Person: Christi Finegan

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