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The Watershed School

Updated: August 3, 2006

We are an innovative new middle school and high school which opened in Boulder in the fall of 2004. We serve a diversity of students and families throughout Boulder County.

The mission of The Watershed School is to provide a meaningful high school education that challenges students to know and care for themselves, their community, and their world.

Our school design includes a challenging, engaging, and interdisciplinary curriculum that gives students real-world responsibilities and opportunities to be of service to the community. A Watershed School education is an exceptional preparation for college and life. It emphasizes leadership, citizenship, and community building as well as helping students to discover and develop their heartfelt passions and interests.

Our approach equally values the pursuit of knowledge and the responsibility to use that knowledge for the benefit of others. We offer an education that helps students to understand in new ways the place in which they live. We value students’ questions as much as their answers. And we believe that imagination, courage, and compassion are vital to an education for a better world.

Company Type(s): School
Grade Level(s): Not Selected


Address 1: 205 Canyon Blvd.
City: Boulder
State/Province: Colorado
Country: United States
Postal Code: 80302


Phone: 303-440-7520
Fax: 303-440-7521
Contact Person: Paul Dreyer

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