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Grassroots: Climbing for Resilience

Author(s): American Alpine Club
Video Release Date: October 6, 2022
Video Source: YouTube

Thanks to the Michigan Ice Fest BIPOC Scholarship, the AAC Twin Cities Chapter is taking up space for climbers of color. Discover how they are building a strong and vibrant climbing community with many laughs along the way in this film directed and edited by Marie-Louise Nkashama.

The AAC’s Grassroots series both unearths deep histories and imagines new futures. Climbers like you have been shaping the climbing community from the start, in small quiet ways that compound as we evolve and iterate ourselves. This series digs up what’s happening in the climbing world under the radar—the work that individuals and groups have been doing to create inclusivity in our sport, protect public lands, develop new climbing areas, and educate climbers new and old—and shares it with you. We’re unearthing, because we know this work has deep roots. But we’re inspired because we see these deep-rooted efforts shaping the climbing community’s future.Show less

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