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REI Presents: Within Reach

Author(s): Talweg Creative| REI
Video Release Date: May 2, 2017
Video Source: YouTube

63% of women said they could not think of an outdoor female role model

6 in 10 women say that men’s interests in outdoor activities are taken more seriously than women’s

“Once I was able to stop looking at other women through the lens of destructive stereotypes or as the competition, my relationships with women changed into something beautiful, supportive and strong. Women climbing with women isn’t the end-all solution to eradicating sexism. But it is creating an opportunity for us to see that negative social norms and pressures do exist, which make women feel in competition with one another to prove themselves strong enough, good enough, tough enough to hang with men in the outdoors (office, gym, etc).” – Shelma Jun

Learn more about Shelma at: https://blog.rei.com/climb/documentary…

Learn more about REI’s Force of Nature initiative to make the outdoors the world’s largest level playing field: https://blog.rei.com/news/force-of-nat…

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